Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Free Money

If you have money on or one of its sister sites, it's time to get in on the giveaway. For their "Make the Playoffs" props, take:

Patriots: Yes -1200 (98%)
Bengals: Yes -1500 (98%)
Steelers: No -330 (87%)
Titans: No -400 (97%)
Texans: No -1800 (98%)
Jaguars: No -400 (85%)

Unfortunately the maximum bet is a risk of $500 on each, but a couple hundred bucks of EV is nothing to sneeze at, plus you can clear $150 of bonus. Happy hunting.

Edit: Throw in Dallas +180 to win their division (43%)

Sunday, December 06, 2009

You can't predict something that is so predictable

Take it away, Sportscenter:

"History says that Brett Favre throws a lot of interceptions and that Adrian Peterson fumbles the ball. The only stat you can't predict in a football game is the turnover stat, and if there's gonna be an issue with the Minnesota Vikings--we saw glimpses of it tonight--it's gonna be they're going to turn the ball over down the stretch--maybe in the playoffs--and they may be the better team on paper, but I...'cause the turnover history, it may cost them a chance of getting in the Super Bowl."