Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Yankees Have Lost All Right To Ever Complain

Remember all the bitching we heard from the Bronx when Wang Chien-Ming injured himself running the bases last year? "Interleague play is killing our pitchers blah blah blah."

Fast-forward to June 2009. The Yankees are batting in the top of the ninth inning with a four-run lead and the bases loaded. Mariano Rivera, 39 years old and with one career at-bat under his belt, is sent up to hit. Why? Because he entered the game in a save situationTM and removing him now would deny him the save.

So...the Yankees want Major League Baseball to change its entire system of play to better suit their pitchers' health, but they're too engrossed by a meaningless stat to protect a guy who clearly should not be batting under any circumstance? Smooth.

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ben said...

but they had to get him his first career RBI! thats an important milestone of an important stat.