Monday, April 27, 2009

Today's Pet Peeve

Yesterday, Alfonso Soriano was hit in the helmet by a pitch. Clearly, this didn't happen on purpose. Later in the game, Albert Pujols was hit in retaliation.

In retaliation for what? An accident that Pujols had nothing to do with?

If you see Lou Piniella in a bar, make sure you don't spill your drink on him; if you do, he might punch your friend in the face. That'll teach you!


Michael said...

He would have hit him in his previous at bat if that crafty Pujols hadn't gotten out of the way of the two pitches thrown at him.

Alex said...

I always love retaliation for accidental beanings. I still remember when Reggie Sanders rushed the mound after he was hit by a pitch in the eighth inning of a Pedro Martinez perfect game (up to that point).