Friday, April 17, 2009

Today's Lowlights

Three-way tie for today's worst RSS tidbit. I already went over the first contender. The other two:

In this corner, from

"If a Ph.D. was given in the art of hitting, then let's just say Carlos Quentin already has put in enough hours within the subject to earn that advanced degree."

If a Ph.D. was given in the art of tortured metaphors, then let's just call him Dr. Scott Merkin.

And in this corner, from BP:

"Given Cole Hamels' early elbow problems, the Phillies are lucky they have the easiest schedule of any team in April (.471). The defending champions had better get their house in order by June, because they'll face the toughest schedule of any team in any month at .551."

I'm sure Phillies fans are already relishing the extra ~.02 wins this "luck" confers upon them. Hamels should immediately begin writing his "World Scheduling Champions!" speech for this year's parade.

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