Friday, April 10, 2009

Results-Oriented DUIs

Yesterday, three people died in a tragic drunk-driving accident that has shocked MLB fans everywhere. Many feel (rightfully) that the responsible driver should spend a long time behind bars.

Tomorrow, two pitchers with DUI convictions will take the mound for their respective teams, and another team will be managed by a drunk driver. I hope the fans at those games boo those three men until their throats hurt.

If you don't see the connection between these two paragraphs, you're kidding yourself. Every time a drunk driver gets off with a slap on the wrist, it teaches others that they can drive drunk too, as long as they don't kill anyone. (Or, in the case of Leonard Little, even if they do.)

I don't mean to trivialize Thursday's crash, but until MLB takes a hard stance against drunk driving among their own players, they're just being results-oriented hypocrites to condemn other drunk driving tragedies.


Paluka said...

Agree 100%

Mr Delicious said...

Absolutely right.....

CardSharpCook said...

Really? I mean, you make a good point, but you do you REALLY think there is no difference between driving drunk and KILLING someone while driving drunk? How is this different than saying, "That person (sober) got into an accident. You ALSO drive cars!!!! YOU'RE as guilty as HE is!!!!" Results-oriented, imo.

I'm not trying to defend driving drunk. Hell, I'm usually the first to say, "Why don't we just take a cab?" But let's not condemn all drunk drivers for the actions of a few rotten apples. 100s of 1000s of Americans drive home drunk EVERY NIGHT. But, they've done it 100s of times before, they are driving home alone (no distractions vs. carload of teens), and they are probably experienced enough drinkers to have at least a feel of when they are too drunk to drive home.

I don't condone driving drunk. But lets not fall for this stupid propaganda that has been beaten into us since we were 5 that you don't drive drunk. Its a fine lesson, but let's not pretend that all drunk driving is the same.

Garrett W. said...

At first I thought "LOL CSC". But his point is valid and very correct. Drinking does not magically force anyone to run red lights. I can say the amount of red lights I've ran in my life is a mere handful, and that alcohol consumption had no effect on this.

Then again, I agree with the original article in whole. Outrage over drunk driving is silly. There is a massive range in eD/pDDM (Expected Deaths per Drunk Driving Mile) and it should be accounted for when determining anger.

BHY said...

to summarize, there are 3 situations here.

1. driving drunk
2. driving drunk and badly
3. driving badly

our legal system and the media often confuses 1 and 3 as exactly the same.

the pt is we should treat all situations under the same number the same, regardless of results.

Hells_Satans said...
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