Thursday, March 05, 2009

WBC Game 1 Rants

- How can ESPN fail to correctly identify the biggest city in China? I would think the whole point of these factoids about far-away countries is to provide some cultural awareness to USA viewers, but apparently accuracy is not an issue. Perhaps the researcher they assigned to this story looked up "China" on Wikipedia, failed to find the answer in the article, and just went with the only Chinese city he'd heard of, where that pothead won all those medals last year.

- How many times do you think any Japanese person has ever referred to Kyuji Fujikawa as "the Brad Lidge of Japan"? I'm going to go with a big fat zero; however, I did find it amusing that this metaphor, which could have caused an international incident at this time last year, is instead now meant as a compliment.

- That line aside, the gaijin commentators--as always--compared the Japanese players they don't know to other Japanese players they do know. This is nothing new, but I suppose it's one of the least harmful forms of racism out there, so it's hard to get too worked up about it.

- Japan, despite dominating the game, failed to cover the spread by a full 7.5 runs. I guess that's one thing China can be proud of.


Garrett W. said...

7. But its just nitty.

ben said...

worse was comparing the chinese players they didn't know to the japanese players they did know ie. "the chinese ichiro" comments.

Eric said...

I really enjoyed watching the game but the commentary was embarrassing. "Chinese Ichiro" uh... what?