Sunday, March 08, 2009

More WBC Rants

- The announcers wasted no time bringing up Jimmy Rollins's ninth-inning defense from yesterday. No reason yet to think that they're complete blithering idiots. Then they asked whether Derek Jeter would have made the play on that same ground ball; still no signs of recent severe brain damage. They concluded that on this issue, there's no question. Three for three! Only then do they level you with "you just KNOW he would have found some way to make that play." So close...

I do half-agree with them, in that I KNOW Jeter would have found some way to allow that ball to roll into left field.

- Also amusing: apparently Jeter is upset that he's opening tonight's game on the bench. Didn't they announce a week ago that he and Rollins would alternate games? Maybe Jeter assumed this was a joke, since he's the captain of everything?

- The fantasy tidbits on the bottomline are just amazingly useless. You say Andruw Jones is on your list of fantasy fallers? Golly, my 1999 fantasy mag calls him a "rising star"! Thanks, ESPN!

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Mikey said...

Also yesterday they were all too willing to explain how team USA players would have to check their ego at the door, "even 2008 NL MVP Jimmy Rollins"