Monday, March 16, 2009

I Love Steve Phillips

Apparently, Jorge Cantu was getting a little peripatetic during tonight's Mexico/Cuba game. Steve Phillips decided to draw the conclusion that Cantu was tipping Jorge Campillo's pitches--from third base!--and was called out on it by his booth-mates, who challenged Phillips to call the pitches based on Cantu's movement.

ESPN sets up the camera so you can see the entire infield.

Campillo stretches. He throws.

Gun reads: 90 MPH.

Phillips: "Fastball"

Laughter ensues. The other announcers inform Phillips that this is not how their game is played. The camera remains in place, and we see Cantu shift as Campillo delivers the next pitch.

Phillips: "Fastball"

The ball slides out of the zone for ball four. Gun reads: 79 MPH. More laughter ensues. Phillips now defends himself as he was "only wrong once."

(Incidentally, it's too bad Michel Enriquez is not as stupid as Steve Phillips, since I bet on Mexico tonight.)

Steve Phillips is relegated to a baseball tournament that no one wants to watch, while Dane Cook continues to make major motion pictures. Why, America? Why?

Postscript: As I was writing this, Mario Valenzuela just looked at strike three right down the middle, then took a Henry Rowengartner-esque swing two seconds after the ball was in the mitt. You can't make this stuff up.

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