Friday, February 20, 2009


I walked into the Wynn sportsbook today to bet some baseball futures. On the area of the big board where they normally rotate odds for the World Series and AL/NL pennants, today they had odds for the Academy Awards. Some highlights:

Best Movie
Slumdog Millionaire EV

Best Actor
Mickey Rourke 6-5

Best Actress
Kate Winslet 8-5

Best Supporting Actor
Heath Ledger 1-5

Best Supporting Actress
Penelope Cruz 5-1

Best Director
Danny Boyle 3-5

I don't watch awards shows, but I do love making money from incompetent bookies. With my mind racing over what car I should buy with my winnings, I headed to the window.

Me: "Oscars, please."
Writer: "Sorry sir, those odds are for entertainment purposes only."
Me: (stunned silence)

So, I guess this is some idiotic publicity stunt. I certainly hope it backfires on Steve Wynn; setting fake odds for a major media event and refusing to book any action is definitely one of the most douchebaggy moves I can think of.


BHY said...

do u bet spring training games? how hard is it to get the data for and predict playing time? how efficient is the market for it?

not actually interested in handicapping it myself, just wanted to know.


j holz said...

no, but i know some gamblers who have toyed with the idea of hiring someone to go to spring games, determine which pitcher is starting for each team, and bet based on that info.

i considered betting tampa bay in some spring games last year because they were so underrated going into the season, but passed on it. lost opportunity for profit, i suppose.

as for the efficiency, i have no clue.

MT2R said...

it's against US law for a Nevada sportsbook to take wagers on something people within the US vote upon. Still disingenuous for the Wynn to list them, but they could not take any action.