Friday, February 06, 2009

Quick Bites

- I know news is slow these days, but it's still unacceptable that Michael Phelps is getting more flak for the bong photo than he did for his DUI. I'm not a 420er, but one doesn't have to be to realize the difference between a victimless crime and a hazardous one.

No one was harmed by Phelps's DUI, you say? What a results-oriented way to look at things. We might as well fire a gun into a crowd of people and hope the bullet misses everyone.

- This thread, especially post 5, illustrates why sports betting forums are awesome for everything except advice you can actually take to the bank.

- The question everyone is asking: Who will be this year's Rays? The quick answer: No one. Turnarounds like that require a confluence of lots of factors: A very talented young team that was very unlucky last year, plus a smart front office that added the necessary missing pieces. Does that sound like the Pirates, Royals, Orioles or Nationals?

There are certainly teams that will improve upon last year's results; I can think of three off the top of my head that will probably add 10 or more wins each. But none of the long-suffering franchises are likely to make any noise in 2009.

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Mr Delicious said...

You are spot on here.......but why would you expect anything else from our ESPN loving nation.