Monday, January 19, 2009

Things I Learned From Bookies This Week

1. Sometimes, Super Bowl props can be hazardous to your bankroll

Hey, he's grizzled; he'll probably win it anyway even if the Cardinals lose by double digits.

2. Parlaying every game money line for the Cardinals would have paid 105-1 on them to win the Super Bowl.

What's the payout on your futures ticket?

3. Vegas books are scared of baseball futures bettors

Here was a typical conversation from my latest excursion:

Me: "Number XXXX"
Ticket writer: "For how much?"
Me: "Can I bet $5000?"
Ticket writer: "Sure, that shouldn't be a problem. Key!"
Me: (giddy with possibilities)
(Manager walks over, looks at bet request, does double take, picks up phone)
Manager: (Frantically speaks with superiors) "We can approve $500"
Me: (sighs)


jjvoit said...

jholz, are the babeball futures out in Vegas yet? I am going for the SB. If so, which ones did you bet on?

j holz said...

Pennants and WS lines are up. Only the Hilton has divisions so far.

As for which ones I'm betting, sorry, that's classified until I'm done with them.

Garrett W. said...

$500 is the normal off the street limit at most places. Getting a room at a place to get heavier limits could be worthwhile. Talk to the manager.