Sunday, January 04, 2009

Things I Learned From Bookies This Week

This could become a regular feature. Who knows.

1. The NFL playoff seeding system is messed up.

You probably knew this one already. All four home teams opened as underdogs in Week 1, though the Cardinals closed as favorites. Now the top seeds in both conferences are getting punished with tougher matchups than the 2 seeds.

Of course, you could argue that being the 1 seed is normally such a big advantage that this is a nice equalizer. I still feel that the NFL has by far the best playoff system of the major pro sports.

2. The Greek needs to hire a new oddsmaker.

3. Anyone who makes a preseason futures bet on the Yankees is throwing away money.

NY Yankees win World Series +380
Field wins World Series -475

I really need an account where I don't need to post up the funds in advance. And $10,000 limits on the No.

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