Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I Try To Sympathize

...with people who have been hit hard by the economy, but sometimes it's just difficult:

"It may be a gag, but from the looks of this eBay page, someone just sold the naming rights for her unborn baby — and two pairs of Nike Air baby booties — for $4,050."

Those must be some pimp booties. But the real stars of the show are the comments:

"I am personally against selling the naming rights of your unborn baby to a stranger, but with the economic situation that is going on around the world, it might be the only way to get some money. If people have enough money to live well, then, they should not sell the naming rights of their son, but if the money they have is not being enough, and selling the naming rights is the only way to get some money, then, as a rational human being, the right thing to do would be to sell the naming rights."

I'm sure when the child is being beaten mercilessly at school, he'll be comforted in the knowledge that his name was "the right thing to do".

"I just want to remind everyone that the last online name-a-real-life-person contest that I heard of resulted in a guy being named “Sunshine Megatron”.

Not making this up.
Kurt (email) - 21 01 09 - 06:55

Kurt – well, I guess he could have people call him Sunny… or Mega.
Tanya (email) - 21 01 09 - 07:11"

1 comment:

Alex said...

Didn't they have something, I dunno, a little less human to auction off first? No old electronics or something? Some books maybe?

Also if I got stuck being named Sunshine Megatron I'd just roll with it and demand everyone called me Megatron. Nobody knows when you might just flip out and turn into a giant gun or a tank.