Saturday, September 20, 2008

Yankee Stadium is Closing!!!!!!!11111

What is the point of even writing pieces like this one? "Fluff" is far too positive a description.

The headline says it all:

"Yanks hoping to close Stadium with 'W'"

Well, shit, it is a different strategy than the one they've used in their attempt to finish higher than fourth place this year.

"The Yankees will once again make history Sunday, but inquiring minds want to know: Will they leave the big ballyard with a win or a loss?"

Who exactly are these 'inquiring minds'? Don't they have anything better to worry about, like who will win the games between teams that are actually in contention?

"The trend of the last 18 Major League ballpark closings seems to work against the Bronx Bombers, with only four of the home teams prevailing in their final game before moving or permanently losing stadiums. They'll also be trying to break a nine-game losing streak for the home team."

I can't hate on this too much, because somebody is going to use this as an excuse to bet on the Orioles, as if they have a built-in advantage here, the way Roy Oswalt does against the Reds because he dominated a completely different Reds team early in the decade.

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