Sunday, July 06, 2008

Who Do You Think Is The Most Deserving All Star?

Take it away, Eric Young:

"Well Bert, I think they're all are deserving, very deserving, but if I had to pick most--it's hard to pick most, but if I had to pick most--I would have to go with Josh Hamilton, and the fact that his battles have been well-documented, we don't need to even talk about that, we need to talk about what he's doing between the lines, and you look at these guys--this guy's--stats from last year to this year, you know, they definitely gonna surpass 'em but they surpass 'em already at the halfway break! So that way, this guy's putting it all together, he's come back, he's persevered, and you know what, he's in a lot of ways batting very well in front of Brad-Milton Bradley, another All-Star, so he's definitely most deserving to compare from where he came from to the other guys."

I could fisk this, but do I really need to? Boom goes the EY-namite.

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