Thursday, June 26, 2008

Midseason Quiz

We're about halfway through the season; what have we learned? Feel free to submit your answers in the comments, elaborating if necessary. First prize for the most correct answers is pride.

1. Who's more likely to "win" the Edinson Volquez-Josh Hamilton trade?

a. Texas
b. Cincinnati
c. Too close to call

2. What's the best non-Boston team in the AL from here on out?

a. Rays
b. Yankees
c. White Sox
d. Angels
e. Other

3. Which of these teams has the best starting rotation?

a. White Sox
b. Athletics
c. Red Sox
d. Rays

4. Who's the best player in baseball?

a. Alex Rodriguez
b. Albert Pujols
c. Chase Utley
d. Chipper Jones
e. Hanley Ramirez
f. Lance Berkman
g. Other

5. What's the worst team in MLB?

a. Mariners
b. Nationals
c. Padres
d. Royals
e. Other


CardSharpCook said...

1.A 2. B 3. D 4. C 5. A

Jason said...

Texas, Yankees, Rays, Utley, Nationals

CardSharpCook said...

yeah. to make it easier to read, my answer is:

Texas, Yankess, Rays, Utley, Mariners.

Derek said...

what are your answers?