Saturday, June 14, 2008

Maybe It's Just Me...

Right now, two of the biggest sports headlines are the Tim Donaghy scandal and the possible impending use of instant replay in baseball.

One of the main arguments against replay is that "human error is part of the game." Chris Singleton just went on ESPN and argued that if players can make errors that affect the outcome of the game, officials should have that power as well.

Meanwhile, on the same SportsCenter broadcasts, the talking heads are discussing Donaghy's confession that he fixed the results of an NBA playoff game, likely affecting which team won that year's championship. The discussion centers around Donaghy's abuse of power, and how an NBA referee has the ability to change the outcome of a game to match his bets. The big message here is just how much power an official wields in a pro sports game.

Am I the only one that sees a connection here? Donaghy is (rightfully) vilified for his actions, but some people out there still want to give the officials more chances to get things wrong, whether on purpose or accidentally?

Baseball isn't like art, where some idiot can decide Jackson Pollock is a genius for flinging paint in the general direction of canvas. A fly ball is either a home run or it isn't; each pitch is a ball or a strike as defined in the rulebook. Let's move in the direction of getting more of those calls right. If anything, it will be entertaining to see Bobby Cox argue with a video camera before getting ejected.


kstaff said...
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kstaff said...

Amen rd. It's either a home run or it isn't. It's fair or it's foul. The runner is safe or he is out.

It's not rocket science and despite what the traditionalists say, it wouldn't slow down the game.

As a Phillies fan I will probably never get over a Chase Utley three run homer that was ruled foul in the final week of the 2006 season in a game the Phillies eventually lost by a run. The blown call put a huge dent in Philadelphia's playoff hopes and it was all because an umpire couldn't make the correct call.

I have no idea why people settle for the current system when replay could make the game much better and more pure.