Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Tony La Russa Is Off The Wagon

Okay, maybe he's not, but I can't see why any sober person would bat Cesar Izturis leadoff because of his "high on-base percentage."

Mr. La Russa, let me introduce you to a concept called "sample size". It helps explain why A.J. Pierzynski may not win the AL batting title this year, why Chris Shelton won't make it to the Hall of Fame in spite of his April 2006 performance, and why your shortstop with a .297 career OBP did not suddenly learn to be a perfect leadoff hitter for your team.

Frankly, as a Cubs fan, it gives me great pleasure to see divisional rivals screwing themselves over by batting ex-Cubs leadoff, especially when they're allergic to walks, like Izturis or Corey Patterson. This move probably won't cost the Cards a playoff spot--they're not good enough to get there anyway--but it certainly can't help them.

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