Friday, April 04, 2008

Suspended Disbelief

Why does MLB bother issuing suspensions anymore? The standard five-game suspension for a starting pitcher is a joke, at worst delaying a hurler's next start by one day. Meanwhile, the appeals process often allows a position player to delay his suspension until he's injured or needs a day off.

And now we've come to this. Jonny Gomes tried "to figure out which day he would serve his sentence, which turned out to be Friday night." So the player not only has his suspension reduced, but gets to decide which game he wants to miss? I hope never to go to jail, but I could probably serve a 20-year sentence comfortably as long as I could divide it into eight-hour mini-sentences whenever I was ready for bed.

Since I'm ranting anyway, I'm going to turn to the dated topic of Monday's White Sox-Indians game and the interference call at second base. For those who didn't see the play, Orlando Cabrera slid into second base and extended his arm to break up a potential double play, while his foot was touching the bag. Cabrera was called for interference, much to the chagrin of Hawk Harrelson.

The ump had the authority to make this judgment call, but he still shouldn't have. When you have one set of rules on the books and a different set in practice, bad things always happen, whether it's Merkle's Boner or Cabrera getting called out. If all the MLB players think they won't get called for interference if they can touch second base, then don't call interference when the runner is actually touching second. It's just bad policy.

That said, I generally find a scorned Hawk to be hilarious, and this was no different.

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Mike said...

I think I heard him spit as they were going to commercial. I also don't think Darrin Jackson has ever had an independent thought.