Thursday, March 13, 2008

The Word Is Out

On February 15, Costa Rica International Sports opened the Tampa Bay Rays over/under for the season at 68.5 wins. The same day, that line was bet all the way up to 72 wins.

And it didn't stop there. Currently, the CRIS line on Tampa is over/under 76--a move of 7.5 wins--and the bettors still heavily favor the over.

Other books, who posted their odds after the initial line movements on CRIS, set the total at 73.5 or 74.5 wins, but that hasn't stopped anyone from pounding the over. Currently, bettors must lay 1-to-2 on Tampa to go over 73.5 wins at The Greek, and about 4-to-7 on over 74.5 at Pinnacle Sports. If the bettor wants to take the under, he receives favorable odds of 17-to-10 or 8-to-5.

I may have mentioned once or twice that I think Tampa is going to do big things this year. This looks like a clear sign that some smart people with money are of the same opinion.

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