Thursday, March 06, 2008

How to Make Satire Howlingly Unfunny

Satire is one of my favorite genres. Whether it's a Dave Barry novel or an old Leslie Nielsen or Mel Brooks film, there's plenty of comedic gold out there.

Then there's the modern approach to "parody" movies, where writers attempt to make the audience laugh simply by presenting them with familiar scenes, without bothering to add their own twist. The result is piece-of-shit films like this or this, which somehow make enough money to keep getting made every year--never underestimate the stupidity of American audiences.

In that vein, we have this new piece by "Art Garfamudis". It's written in a surprisingly authentic tone, but I don't get it at all. This is not satire. If for some reason one wanted to lampoon the civil rights movement, he wouldn't write a serious-sounding article about how the world was a better place before emancipation, and how there are "too many races" running around these days. That doesn't make him funny, it just makes him sound ignorant.

When does baseball season start?

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