Friday, February 29, 2008

What I Learned From SportsCenter

As regular readers know, I'm no fan of ESPN, but it's basically the only way I can get Spring Training highlights in HD. I probably should have watched on mute, but I didn't, so I picked up this tidbit from Tim Kurkjian:

"Keep in mind, the last left-handed pitcher as young as Santana, with a winning percentage as high as Santana, to be traded or sold was Babe Ruth."

Note to Kurkjian: When you want to emphasize how valuable a pitcher will be to his new team, don't compare him to someone that averaged under 2 IP per season for the balance of his career.

But you heard it here first, folks: Santana is going to evolve into the best slugger in MLB history, turning the Mets into a dynasty. The Twins, owing to the "Curse of the Johan," will go championship-free for 86 years. Book it.

1 comment:

Brian said...

Good stuff.

Johan IS a really good hitter, I am excited to see how he does at the plate this year.