Friday, February 29, 2008

Touting and all that

I've received several emails from people who want to know if I'll be doing the tout thing again this year. Apparently, they've gotten over the July massacre; I know I have, but I needed all seven months to do so.

Will I be back? Maybe. It's hard to turn down a steady income stream just for publishing something that I'm going to work out for my own use anyway. And while it's true that I may be creating more competition in my line of work, I'm mostly selling a man a fish, rather than teaching him how.

However, there will always be some chance that selling picks will adversely affect my quality of life, and that's a powerful incentive not to.

Rest assured, either way you'll know my decision before Opening Day.

One more thing: A reader wrote to me asking that I not make my traditional post with my recommended futures bets for the upcoming seasons. Well, he doesn't have a lot to worry about, because most of the bets I'd suggest have already been hammered at the major books, crippling their value. If you pay any attention to line movements in the MLB futures or season wins markets, you should already know what these are.

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