Monday, February 11, 2008

Consistent Foul Calls

Tonight's Villanova-Georgetown game ended in controversial fashion. You can argue about whether or not the contact actually constituted a foul, but the most common argument I'm hearing is that you can't make a call like that late in a tie game; you have to let the teams settle it themselves in overtime. I don't buy that for a second.

Why does the definition of a foul--which is clearly laid out in the rulebook--suddenly change just because it's a critical spot in the game? More importantly, where do we draw the new line between call and no-call? How will the players know what is now a foul and what isn't? And just how close and late must the game be before the refs switch to the new rules?

You can't have one set of rules in the book and another in practice. Baseball learned this lesson the hard way. Hopefully the refs keep doing what they're doing, critics be damned.

Addendum: Jay Bilas just commented on SportsCenter that a foul shouldn't be called there because there was no advantage gained. Again, where do we draw the line? If all the Georgetown players simultaneously kick their Villanova counterparts in the groin with 0.1 seconds left, is that also a no-call because it doesn't affect the outcome? If Georgetown Villanova doesn't want to get called for a foul there, maybe they shouldn't make pointless contact.


Garrett W. said...

I think there are really two arguments here. Intra- and inter- game consistency. Most pundits are not differentiating the issues this. Perhaps Nova watched the Hoosier/Illini game and saw what happened to White.

Hells_Satans said...

GTown did initiate the pointless contact.

Nova got called for the foul. That's the complaint.

After not getting the call for the 2 GT guys who mugged Reynolds.

I am all for consistent calls. They screwed Nova first by not calling GT's fouls, and then again by calling Nova after the GT player ran into him and then stepped OOB.

j holz said...

fixed the post.

i didn't watch the whole game, so i can't comment on the in-game referee consistency. perhaps nova was getting the short end of the stick.

my comments deal solely with people who think that this contact would be a foul in any other situation, but not late in a tie game. if you think this wasn't a foul, or that the refs called the rest of the game poorly, that's a separate issue.