Tuesday, January 08, 2008

What You Can Learn From ESPNEWS

I'm watching the ESPNEWS special on the Hall of Fame election, not so much to follow the elections--since the HoF is stupid--but to see Keith Law completely own Tim Kurkjian and Steve Phillips. I was not disappointed.

My favorite Kurkjian moment: After arguing--twice--that he doesn't believe in changing one's vote from year to year, Kurkjian says that he read enough copy on Jim Rice this offseason to sway his opinion--after voting against Rice the last ten years! 382 homers may not get you in, but apparently being "feared" does.

Even if I had never heard of any of these three ESPN personalities, in about ten minutes I would have sorted out which one was the smartest and most objective. The funny thing is, it seems like Law gets the most hate mail of the three. Maybe that's just because he likes to publish it (often with hilarious consequences).


Ricardo said...

The idea that one shouldn't maybe change their vote is ridiculous.

With all the new ways to measure one's career, and the fact that baseball writers should consider their profession a continued learning experience rather than a snobby way to say "I am smarter than you" in as many words as possible, it's totally understandable that one's opinion might sway over time.

A drastic jump from one year to the next is kind of ridiculous. But keeping your eyes and ears open as a voter should be commended, not dismissed. Just my opinion.

I always love watching Keith Law dismantle people so calmly.

j holz said...

hey, i agree. i just found it funny how hypocritical Kurkjian was.

at the same time, i think that this is not the reason most voters change their opinion from year to year. there's a reason marginal candidates tend to only get voted in when there are no strong ones.