Thursday, December 13, 2007

Brief Transaction Recaps

Cubs: Signed OF Kosuke Fukudome for 4 years, $48 million (Rating: 6/10)

This was probably a little more than he's worth, but the Cubs can afford it and they're right in the thick of playoff contention, where an extra couple of wins make a huge difference.

I don't get the argument that the Cubs "need" a jolt of OBP in their lineup. All teams prefer more OBP to less, and Fukudome should be no more valuable to Chicago than an outfielder who gets on base less but compensates with better power, fielding, or baserunning.

Giants: Signed CF Aaron Rowand for 5 years, $60 million (3)

Another deal, much like Jose Guillen's, where a team that should be in full-scale rebuilding mode wastes lots of money (and in the Giants' case, a draft pick) on a player who still leaves them far out of contention. The money isn't that bad--I might rather have Rowand than Torii Hunter over five years--but the Giants have no reason to be interested. At least this prevented them from doing something truly stupid.

Blue Jays: Signed SS David Eckstein for 1 year, $4.5 million (5)

Wow, that's a lot less than he was reportedly looking for. I can't believe I'm giving a respectable rating to an Eckstein signing, but this deal doesn't pay him to be anything more than he is, a below-average shortstop with the bat and glove. This isn't the greatest fit, because Toronto's pitching staff is very groundball-heavy, so John McDonald should still see a lot of time at short.

Presumably, the Cardinals wanted the compensation pick, since they're paying Izturis almost as much as Eckstein to be considerably less effective.

Twins: Signed SS Adam Everett for 1 year (7)

I can't find a contract value, but it can't be more than a couple million. I like this signing a lot; Everett will save the team a cool 30 runs over Brendan Harris at short, and an AL team should have more flexibility to pinch-hit for him late in the game.


No comments on the Mitchell Report from me. I don't go for that Schadenfreude.

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Eugene said...

2.8 million is what I hear. Same salary as last year.