Monday, October 01, 2007

What's On Tap

Okay, I think I'm fully sobered up from the Aruba Welcome Party. Only took ten hours.

Anecdote: Today, while I'm watching football in the hotel casino, my roommate Bugstud points out an e-bookie machine. I scroll through the MLB Futures lines for a kick, and find some of the most messed-up odds ever: Highlights include Milwaukee at -566 to win the NL from beyond the grave, and the Rockies at 100-1 to win the NL but 8-1 to win the World Series.

I ponder the best way to extract value from the machine, and settle on betting the max on the Diamondbacks at 12-1(!) to win the NL. I start by trying $500, then $250, then $200, which is finally accepted. (Why can't they just tell you the maximum in advance?) As I go to line up another bet, I notice that all the MLB Futures lines have suddenly been pulled--I imagine the conversation behind the scenes went something like "Holy crap, we still have lines up for this!?"

Never one to be discouraged, I head over to the NFL Futures menu, which is alive and well even though there are games being played. Dallas at +500 to win the NFC piques my interest, and I hit it for $250. I attempt to line up another bet, and the NFL Futures lines disappear. Good times. If you're in Aruba and were looking forward to betting some futures, sorry about that, but you're welcome to join me for a drink or meal sometime; I've got all week. Ideal candidate is female, attractive, and desperate.

Anyway, if you're eagerly anticipating playoff content, here's what I'm planning on:

Tuesday: Estimated odds for each playoff team to advance, along with recommended bets. I'll try and include a short writeup for each bet, or maybe even for each team, but I promise nothing.

After Tuesday: I may provide updated odds for advancement each day, provided doing so doesn't interfere with my ability to get bets down.

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