Monday, October 29, 2007

O/T: Miller Lite

And now for something completely different...

I watch a lot of sports, so I see a lot of Miller Lite commercials. Over the past couple of years, the beer's primary selling point has been that a 2005 study showed it has "more taste" than Bud Light. If you read the fine print, however, you see this:

"Results reflect which beer has more taste, not preference."

Now, I have to imagine there is zero chance that someone held a taste test and did not ask the participants which beer they preferred over the other. I see only one possibility: the tasters preferred Bud Light over Miller Lite, yet Miller nonetheless managed to spin this as a positive. Apparently more bad taste > less good taste.

If I'm right, I think it's fair to say Miller has done more with less than any other ad campaign in history. Of course, they're still getting killed by Bud in market share, so maybe they need a new approach.

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Brian said...

This is very similar to the Gatorade commercials showing the athletes running on treadmills, sweating Gatorade, and clamoring about how "tested" their product is.

Hmm, I wonder what they were testing for, possibly an increase in performance due to Gatorade intake?

Obviously they couldn't get that result, no matter how many tests they ran.