Monday, October 01, 2007

More Heartbreaking: Mets or Padres?

The Mets' collapse was more epic, but did Padres fans suffer more in watching their team fall out of it on the final weekend?

The Friars entered Saturday's action needing one win in three games to clinch a spot in the playoffs. Saturday, the second-greatest closer of all time had the Brewers down to their final strike before the Crew rallied to win in extras. Sunday, San Diego led Milwaukee 3-0 and 4-2 before melting down and losing 11-6. And in Monday's finale, the Padres blew a 5-3 lead, highlighted by Brady Clark having one of the worst defensive innings in recent memory. After receiving a gift run to tie the ballgame in the eighth, then a gift two-run homer--is there any other kind hit off Jorge Julio?--they nevertheless fell in 13 innings to an opponent that rode to the playoffs on the backs of 14 wins in 15 games. The future Hall of Fame closer? Standing on the mound as the Rockies scored three to walk off with a win. Hell of a way to get eliminated.

San Diego was never a 99.8% favorite to make the playoffs, but I think this may have been just as ugly a road to defeat. In the days to come, expect a lot of second-guessing of Bud Black's decision to rest Jake Peavy for Sunday's game.

Oops, for a minute there, I thought the media cared about baseball west of The Bronx. Just ignore that last comment.

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