Monday, October 22, 2007

J.A. Adande is an Idiot

Adande: "I'm not going to hold Joel Skinner solely responsible for the Indians losing this series."

ARE YOU (EXPLETIVE) KIDDING ME? Cleveland lost this game--one of their four losses in the series, by the way--by nine runs, and you're telling me that a third base coach who cost the Indians no more than one run is "not...solely responsible" for the defeat?

I don't have the energy for a full writeup of Game 7. Cliffs notes:

- Why was Okajima left in to face Asdrubal Cabrera if he didn't stay to face Travis Hafner?
- Why was Jonathan Papelbon still pitching with the Sox up nine runs?
- No, it wasn't worth it for Coco Crisp to risk an injury to make the final out of the game, given the huge cushion. Of course, Crisp probably didn't think he would hit the wall running when he reached out to make the grab.

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