Friday, October 05, 2007

10/6 Update

Team DS% LCS% WS%

Boston 90.7 52.2 37.8
Cleveland 83.0 35.2 22.8
Los Angeles 9.3 4.1 2.6
New York 17.0 8.4 6.1

Arizona 83.1 40.2 12.6
Chicago 16.9 9.4 3.2
Colorado 85.3 41.7 11.7
Philadelphia 14.7 8.6 3.1

If you didn't get Philadelphia earlier, they're a borderline 1-2 unit play at +143.

Playoffs YTD: 3-0, +4.57 units

Edit: You may notice that the NL numbers have changed around a little even though no games were played. This reflects Philadelphia shifting their rotation to start Hamels in Game 4 and Kendrick in Game 5. If you're wondering how Kendrick getting an extra start can possibly help the Phillies, well, Kyle Lohse is just that bad. Enjoy him, whoever shells out the $50 million price tag!


CardSharpCook said...

So Boston is 24% more likely to win the WS than the entire national league.

results disoriented said...

No, the NL combined is at 30.6%. But Boston is 25% ahead of any individual NL team.


CardSharpCook said...

right.... the NL wins WS 30.6%, the BoSox win 37.8%. 37.8/30.6 = 1.25. 25% more likely than any NL team. Or to do it right, 7.2/((37.8+30.6)/2) = 21%.

j holz said...

bah, you can use math to "prove" anything these days...

j holz said...

by the way, my comments will appear as written by j holz instead of results disoriented from now on. it was a stupid name anyway.