Saturday, September 29, 2007


"If you're wondering why the Padres have such a lower division percentage than the Mets despite trailing by the same one game, it's because they lose a tiebreaker with the Diamondbacks which gives Arizona the division title and San Diego the Wild Card if they finish tied."

Someone over at WSEX/Matchbook failed to get the memo on this. I woke up half an hour ago to a trade price of 18/22 on the Padres for the NL West when they need a four game parlay to win the division. I moved the line myself, but since you're here to learn how to fish rather than be given one, you should be okay with that.

Should San Diego clinch their playoff spot tonight, there's no way in hell they still let Jake Peavy start tomorrow; some scrub will go instead, and the regulars will probably rest for the playoffs. That doesn't sound like a good combination.

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