Sunday, August 05, 2007

The NL Central is Awful

As I write this, here's what you'll find in the NL Central:

- The worst record of any MLB division leader (Brewers)
- The worst record (tied) of any second-place team (Cubs)
- The second-worst, third-worst and fourth-worst overall records in the majors (Pirates, Reds, Astros). Thank you, D-Rays.*
- Four of the eight MLB teams with 50 or fewer wins

* I was going to type something like "Thank heaven for the Devil Rays," but something about that sounds off.

The Central as a whole is playing at a .443 pace against non-Central teams, roughly a 72-win pace. Think about that: the average team in the Central is a 72-win club, giving Central squads a huge head start on winning the division despite the six-team format.

I really have nothing to add to this.

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