Tuesday, June 26, 2007

On Topic

I haven't done an on-topic post in awhile, so here we go:


Highlights from tonight's Baseball Tonight:

(After Troy Tulowitzki attempts to barehand a roller but lets it get by him)

John Kruk: That's a rookie mistake. He has to eat that ball there.

(After Ray Durham barehands a roller and gets the batter by an eyelash at first)

Eric Young: That was his ONLY chance, to barehand that ball. Great play.


Edit: ESPN is on fire tonight. From NFL Live:

"There are 1600 players in the NFL, and it seems like we talk about the same five or six every day."

You don't say? I don't remember which host said this line, because his name is not Pacman Jones, Tank Johnson, or Michael Vick.

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baseblog said...

I can't help but think that we're drawing closer to the day when enough people will understand these "how to think" concepts that we'll get some competent people in place.

Maybe that's wishful thinking.