Saturday, June 09, 2007

Bob Brenly Is An Idiot

In the top of the first during tonight's Cubs/Braves game, Alfonso Soriano was hit by a pitch. A warning was issued to both pitchers that there wouldn't be any funny business. In the bottom half of the inning, Jason Marquis gave up a two-run homer to Andruw Jones.

After the ball flew over the centerfield fence, Cubs broadcaster Bob Brenly immediately mentioned how the umps were influencing the game. Apparently, Brenly wanted Marquis to bean Jones, both for retaliation and because Jones has historically done well against Marquis.

This is results-oriented analysis at its finest. I don't expect Brenly to realize that a batter's history against a pitcher means basically nothing, because he's a former major league manager, but certainly he should know that intentionally putting a batter on base is not the best way to protect a four-run lead.

Furthermore, is there really any question that this comment would not have been made had Jones grounded out weakly to short? And what if the next batter, Brian McCann, led off the second inning with a homer, scoring only one run instead of the three the Braves would have gotten after an intentional HBP?

I'll channel ex-Cubs color man Steve Stone for a moment: For all you youngsters out there, remember that when you're watching a game, don't trust anyone over 40.

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