Sunday, April 15, 2007

I hope Jackie Robinson isn't watching

...because if he is, he probably would not be happy that everyone else on the field for the Indians has a jersey with fancy-looking authentic numbers and trim, while the ones wearing 42 are nameless and look like the uniforms you find at your local outlet mall for $12 plus an extra 40% off.

You know when you go to a ballpark and can instantly spot the people who weren't willing to shell out the extra dough for one of the high-end jerseys? And how the fear of looking like that is what caused you to lay out $200 for the duds of someone who left your team the next year? Right now, those guys are the ones who are honoring Jackie.

It looks like the same thing is happening in Toronto, although their numbers at least have trim. Didn't Robinson's life contribute to a modern world where African-Americans all have unique identities and don't have interchangeable uniforms? MLB is not doing a good job with this one.

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