Wednesday, October 25, 2006

No analysis today, although I am somewhat proud of Jim Leyland for using Joel Zumaya in a game that was relatively close even though the Tigers were behind.

I do want to discuss a moment from Game 3 that i thoroughly enjoyed. FOX Shill Chris Myers is in the left field stands, going on and on about how many free tacos Taco Bell is poised to give away if a home run is hit to left field, and how generous it was of Taco Bell to give him lots of money so that baseball fans could spend the game hearing about tacos instead of watching baseball. Meanwhile, a bunch of chumps around him are waving big placards reading "Free Taco Here".

Myers then turns to the 11-year-old he's interviewing and asks if this promotion is why he's in the left field stands. His response:

"Yeah, I'm out here to watch the game, but a taco wouldn't be bad." He instantly turns his head back and watches the next pitch, while Myers drones on about free tacos for everyone.

Let me tell you, when I was 11, I would have killed for a Taco Bell taco, almost as much as I would have killed for tickets to nonexistent Cubs playoff games. Bravo, Bobby Kelly. It's people like you who kept Spider-Man webs off our bases. Now if you could only reach out to the jackasses in your section who are holding up the Taco Bell signs.

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