Sunday, October 15, 2006

Green Costing Mets

The Mets' addition of Shawn Green in August was lauded by few and criticized by many. The analyst community was particularly pessimistic, realizing Green was done as a productive player and was now a significant liability in the field.

Green has now made three costly misplays in the NLCS. In Game 2, he turned a potential game-turning catch into a two-run Scott Spiezio triple. In Game 3, he turned what would have been a routine running catch for a right fielder with normal range into another two-run triple for Spiezio. Tonight, he took a very poor route to a ball in the gap, giving Juan Encarnacion an extra base and ensuring Spiezio would score from first. (Think Spiezio is going to remember to send Green a Hanukkah card this year?)

Green's bat is not worth putting up with this abysmal defense. If and when Cliff Floyd comes back, Endy Chavez should be starting in right field.

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