Sunday, October 15, 2006

Fire Tom Coughlin

I'm writing an NFL post for a change.

Today, the Giants played the Falcons. With 3:45 left and the Giants leading 20-14, they scored a touchdown to pad the lead to 12. The Giants then sent in their kicking unit and converted the extra point to make the score 27-14.

This is just an indefensible move, even though the Giants went on to win the game by the same score. With under four minutes to play, there is no way the Falcons are going to engineer three different scoring drives to get a touchdown and two field goals. Barring an unlikely missed extra point, there is no real difference between a 12-point and 13-point lead in that spot.

However, there is a big difference between a 13-point and 14-point lead. In the unlikely event the Falcons score two touchdowns, a 14-point lead gives the Giants another chance to win the game in overtime, since the Falcons are unwilling to think outside the box and go for two when it is correct to do so.

Even if the chance of a successful two-point conversion was as low as 10%, it was the right move to go for it. Whoever is in charge of these decisions in the Giants coaching staff needs to be relieved of those duties immediately.

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